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Our Children Their Future Mentor & Empowerment Program launched 3/20/2014

Stop The Violence KC created this program to support the overwhelming need in the Kansas City area for our youth to have productive outlets, support and guidance from experienced mentors. Our goal is to successfully provide productive available resources to youth ages 8-21 guiding them as they successfully make the transition to adulthood. 

This program will also provide an opportunity not only for our mentors and volunteers to build relationships with the youth but also serve as an outlet for the parents to network with each other as well. 

The program will consist of our meetings during the week where we will cover areas such as: academics, bullying, teen violence, college preparation, resume writing, life skill building, entrepreneurship, teen alcohol abuse, and sexual health just to name a few.

 We will also have weekend meetings that will consist of recreational activities, trips, and community service projects. We will provide one on one counseling and mentoring for those students who may have challenges in larger group settings.

Our goal is to successfully see our youth involved in this program become great young men and women of the greater Kansas City area!  For more information on how your child can be involved, please contact:




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